Nice Rice by Honestly Riverina and A.I. LAMB - Developing a world class operation in agriculture

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The Australian rice industry has undergone a significant transformation between 2016 and 2021. 

Consumer preferences have shifted towards premium rice varieties, driving demand and prices higher. 

This trend presented both challenges and opportunities for Australian rice producers. By focusing on innovation, quality, and meeting the evolving needs of consumers, it was identified that the industry could embark on a high growth trajectory.

Enter Nice Rice.


Founded in 2021, Nice Rice by Honestly Riverina, is a small, grower-owned company based in the Riverina region of New South Wales – the heartland of Australian rice production. 

Successfully translating their high-quality Nice Rice variety into a thriving brand required market expertise.

The Challenge

The Australian rice market has traditionally been dominated by global companies and the drought of 2016-2018 impacted production and consumer confidence in the domestic rice industry.

Nice Rice brand was developed to address several challenges within the industry such as:

  • Australian-Grown: Nice Rice taps into the increasing consumer preference for locally-sourced food. This not only reduces the environmental impact of transportation but also supports Australian farmers
  • Climate: Grown in the temperate climate of Southern New South Wales, the climate includes summers with average temperatures and winters mild enough to prevent frost
  • High Yields: Nice Rice offers growers the potential for high yields, ensuring both consumer affordability and producer profitability

Upon incorporation, Nice Rice had to undertake a brand building process which included:

  • Market Positioning: Establishing brand awareness and differentiating Nice Rice from an established monopoly within the market

  • Consumer Targeting: Identifying the ideal customer base for a premium, Australian-grown rice

  • Distribution Strategy: Securing placement in major retailers and establishing a robust distribution network

Our Solution

To bridge the gaps, we partnered with Nice Rice by Honestly Riverina to provide support in several key areas including:

  • Market Research and Feasibility Study: A feasibility study was conducted to identify the key pillars outlined below:
    • Growing demand for rice. 
    • Changing demographics in major Australian cities and hubs. A fundamental misunderstanding of water allocation and positioning of rice. 
    • A genuine desire to keep the rice growing tradition going in the region. 
    • Opportunity for a lean, focused operator to build a sustainable operation for decades to come. 
    • Due to recent global events, the accelerated focus on security of domestic supply, including domestic processing.
  • Brand Development: Crafting a compelling brand identity for Nice Rice, highlighting its Australian origin and sustainably sourced process
  • Marketing Strategy: Developing a comprehensive marketing plan encompassing targeted advertising, social media engagement, and potential partnerships with influencers
  • Distribution Channel Development: Leveraged industry connections to secure distribution agreements with major grocery chains and specialty stores
  • Introduction of new technologies and a digital approach to learning and development: Our work with numerous technology clients exposed us to the transformative power of new tools and methodologies. With Nice Rice, we successfully implemented a digital approach for both ongoing learning and onboarding.

The Outcome

A growing, thriving Nice Rice by Honestly Riverina. As with all LAMB engagements our fundamental outcome is always tied to the profitable growth of our clients. 

Our partnership with Nice Rice demonstrates the value of strategic partnerships in a dynamic market. By leveraging the expertise within the agriculture industry, we were able to effectively navigate the challenges of launching a new product and positioned Nice Rice for long-term success. 

Their journey offers valuable insights for other agri-businesses seeking to carve a niche in the ever-evolving Australian marketplace.

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