About A.I. Lamb

A.I. LAMB is a consulting and technology provider backed by decades of experience taking innovative solutions to markets across the Logistics Mining and Agriculture Businesses (LAMB) we apply our own IP and innovations around industrial technologies that exist in other markets and adapt them to meet the needs of local customers.

Our mission is to provide clients with the right technology at the right price and time through the most effective channels.

Our promise is to deliver genuine value to our customers, have fun and  be honest.

Our vision is to build a sustainable business that solves industry challenges using technology

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Our approach

Validation. Target early adopters and foundation customers, to understand and unlock regional and segment differences. we cover both technical in-filed validation and commercial validation.

Go to Market. We never assume or run on simplified TAM/SAM/SOM and % of. Our go to market focusses on the key differences between solutions, regions, segments and timeline (yours and the end users) by going in depth on the customer journey.

Partnerships. Acceleration through partnerships and targeted sales & marketing cycles. We understand cost versus control of channel and time to market.

A.I. LAMB Pty Ltd is a full stack service and consultancy provider. Taking you seamlessly from idea to execution to support. Our team and network includes:

  • qualified engineers (for technical validation)
  • marketers & graphic designers
  • account managers & service support