A.I. LAMB launches ReThink Logistics

Introducing ReThink Logistics by A.I. LAMB

ReThink Logistics is an initiative from A.I. LAMB, a consultancy, research and advisory group with decades of experience in the logistics and road-transport industries. The initiative aims to help the industry collectively navigate the rapidly evolving environment in which they are operating and rethink the way logistics is done, by connecting and empowering members and partners to collaborate, innovate, transform, and deliver sustainable results.

Wayne Fee has joined AI LAMB as Principal Consultant to head up ReThink Logistics. Wayne brings over 18 years of experience in the telematics industry, most recently as Head of Global Sales for MiX Telematics. In this role, Wayne will lead the development of ReThink Logistics, which will focus on three key areas:

  • Industry Collaboration: ReThink Logistics will bring together industry stakeholders to collaborate on the development and adoption of new technologies and solutions. This will help to reduce risk and accelerate the learning curve for new technologies.
  • Innovation Delivery: ReThink Logistics will identify and promote innovative technologies and solutions that can help the industry to improve efficiency, sustainability, and safety.
  • Knowledge Sharing & Transformation: ReThink Logistics will help the industry to transform its operations to meet the challenges of the 21st century. This includes the need to reduce emissions, improve safety, and become more efficient.

ReThink Logistics is a timely initiative, as the logistics industry faces a number of challenges, including rising costs, increasing competition, and the need to become more sustainable. By bringing together industry stakeholders and promoting innovation, ReThink Logistics can help the industry to overcome these challenges and thrive in the years to come.

"I am excited to join A.I. LAMB and lead the development of ReThink Logistics. I believe that the logistics industry is at a crossroads, and we aim to provide a collaborative avenue for operators to rethink the way they do things to remain competitive and sustainable. Traditionally, the logistics sector has been characterised by competition. Companies compete for the same contracts, clients, and markets, pushing each other to continuously improve their services, technologies, and processes. While competition can certainly drive innovation and growth, it can also limit the potential for industry-wide advancements. My role is to bridge that gap and assist companies to collaborate and build a more efficient, sustainable, and safer future for themselves and the transport & logistics sector."

The Paradox of Collaboration in a Competitive Logistics Landscape

In the logistics industry, competition is often viewed as the primary driver of innovation and efficiency. Companies are continuously seeking ways to outperform their rivals and secure a larger share of the market. However, this competitive landscape poses an intriguing paradox: the very solutions that could potentially revolutionise the industry – from innovative technologies to streamlined processes – often emerge from collaborative, rather than competitive, efforts. Collaboration in a competitive environment can seem counterintuitive. After all, why would a company share its knowledge, potentially giving away its competitive advantage? However, it's precisely through this sharing that new ideas are born, tested, and refined. When logistics companies collaborate, they can pool their resources, investments  and expertise to tackle industry-wide challenges that are far bigger than any single company and with lower risk.

To facilitate this, our newly formed (but proven approach in other industries) is dedicated to fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and technological adoption within the logistics industry. Our round-table discussions, workshops, and collaborative projects provide a platform for members to learn from each other and jointly shape the future of our industry. By becoming a member, your organisation will gain access to a network of industry leaders, and have the opportunity to actively participate in, and even spearhead, industry-wide initiatives by putting them into practice.

A.I. LAMB is a consulting and technology provider backed by decades of experience taking innovative solutions to markets across the Logistics Mining and Agriculture Businesses (LAMB) we apply our own IP and innovations around industrial technologies that exist in other markets and adapt them to meet the needs of local customers.

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