A.I. LAMB Australian Logistics, Agriculture and Mining Conference and Exhibition Annual Snapshot for 2024

There are so many conferences and exhibitions available to businesses today, they are costly and and are generally difficult to determine a true return on investment. That is, if you don’t plan adequately for them. 

An industry conference & expo can be a great part of an annual marketing mix but it can also be a distraction, very costly when accounting for direct and indirect costs and actually a loss of sales momentum, rather than a sales or prospecting boost. Like anything, it comes down to planning, and always as part of a longer term clever marketing mix. 

As a consultancy we attend our fair share of conferences & expos, directly and on behalf of clients which helps us keep informed about the new industry tends and solutions. Well before we attend anything we have a well defined process where we collectively review how it aligns with our target audience, how it overlaps with other activities and possibly other events, define our objectives and why we are attending or exhibiting and what our outreach strategy is for the particular conference. 

Without having done the work required to make it a success, the best we can hope for is to ‘bump into’ a prospect. And considering the time and cost that go into any conference and/or expo there is no way that we would ever leave it to chance!

So with that in mind and to help SMEs like you we have put together a summary of conferences coming up in 2024 that we find relevant and the ones we tap into and attend ourselves.

A.I. LAMB Australian Industry Expo & Conference Snapshot - 2024

We’ve spent time looking at the themes at each event, as well as put some notes around who should attend. The disclaimer here is that it is all based on our views and what we have seen work in the current climate, with more and more events popping up. 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be releasing some more detailed information on the 2024 trade show snapshot for Logistics. Agriculture and Mining (the LAMB sectors that we know and love) including tips and tricks that have worked well for us to make them a successful revenue generating exercise. Throughout the year we will also do a deep dive into some of the more prominent events that we attend and highlighting some of the new and relevant technologies on display. 

Contact us today if you need assistance with your conference and event strategy or stay tuned for more!