2023 AusIMM Underground Operators Conference Sentiment Survey

Actual insights - Mining

We recently returned from the 2023 AusIMM Underground Operators Conference in Brisbane, where we conducted a survey of over 20 mining professionals and we are pleased to share the results.

While there are certainly challenges facing the industry, such as labour and skill shortages and supply chain issues, there are also many opportunities identified in a year that could prove prosperous for mining.

The survey found that the overall sentiment for the industry is very positive, with a total of 90% indicating a positive to very positive outlook for 2023.
Source: A.I. LAMB sentiment survey April 2023

According to our survey, automation has been identified as the biggest opportunity, with 59% of respondents listing it as a top priority. Electrification was also seen as a significant opportunity, with 18% of respondents highlighting it as an area of focus.

What does this mean for suppliers to the mining industry?

The mining industry is undergoing significant transformation. As a supplier to the mining sector, it is important to incorporate these changes into your overall strategy and take practical steps to adapt your business proposition.

This means we need to account for the following:

  • Higher degrees of automation with fewer people and ancillary services on the ground
  • Increased levels of electrification, which will require additional infrastructure
  • ESG requirements with a view to evolving this over time.

At A.I. LAMB, our work is underpinned by research supported by the latest data and insights, where we can work towards a cutting-edge solution to help you stay ahead of the curve. We love SMEs and know what it takes to be a great supplier to the mining industry.